8 Days to A Perfect Website by Meghan Logue

8 Days to A Perfect Website

Throughout this course you’ll learn everything from selecting a hosting plan that best fits your needs, installing wordpress, making sure your site is secure and even will get down into the nitty gritty of making sure your site looks pretty (learning to use divi properly!) and will convert for you.
Meghan was an awesome teacher! She was very adaptable to the needs of each student, very responsive when I had questions, and very intuitive about what questions may come up. I'm signing up for further courses with her, and so thankful I took her perfect website class.
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What's included?

Video Icon 25 videos File Icon 8 files Text Icon 2 text files


Branding Pre-Work
3.11 MB
Expected Future Costs
Anatomy of A Homepage
6.02 MB
Glossary Of Terms
3.1 MB
Day One: Hosting & Domains
Day One Resource Guide
3.24 MB
1 min
Selecting A Host
6 mins
Selecting A Domain
4 mins
Branded Email
10 mins
Day Two: Themes & Configurations
Day 2 Introduction
1 min
Wordpress Admin Setup
6 mins
Installing Plugins
3 mins
Installing Divi + Child Themes
6 mins
Day Three: Divi + Plugin Configuration
Day Three Resource Guide
3.13 MB
Day Three Introduction
2 mins
Divi Configuration
14 mins
Configuring Updraft Plus
3 mins
Day Four: All About Your Homepage
Day Four Resource Guide
7.26 MB
Day Four Introduction
3 mins
Creating Your Homepage
17 mins
3.77 MB
Setting Up Your Menu
2 mins
Day Five
Day 5: Reflect & Refine
Day Six: All About You
Day 6 Resource Guide
12.8 MB
About You (Us) Page
11 mins
Day Seven: Contact & Services
Services Page
10 mins
Contact Page
9 mins
Day Eight: Time To Go Live
WP Engine Go-Live
4 mins
Godaddy Go-Live
3 mins
Godaddy SSL
2 mins
WPEngine SSL
2 mins
8 Days to A Perfect Website_ Final Steps.mp4
3 mins
Additional Knowledge
Adding A Dropdown Menu
1 min
Creating Anchor Links Within Your Pages
2 mins
Making Sure You're Mobile Friendly
3 mins
This is an exceptional course! I had absolutely zero experience building a website, and Meghan took us all step-by-step through the process in an extraordinarily detailed manner. I was so impressed by her availability to answer questions - often she would reply within 2 minutes or less. I had a few (to be expected) growing pains along the way, and in the end I can say I feel confident managing my beautiful website that I designed from beginning to end!
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I already started building a wordpress site, but I'm stuck, is this course right for me?

Yes! The first day of the course is all about getting wordpress set up, but after that the knowledge can be applied to anyone trying to get a divi wordpress site built.

Do I really need a website?

We like to think so. What happens if facebook changes the algorithm tomorrow or you can't get an ad approved? Even if you get most of your business from word of mouth, most people will still be looking for you online to make sure you're legit!

Why wordpress over squarespace/wix?

We truly believe that wordpress offers you the most flexible way to custom build you site and to plan for future growth! SEO is a whole lot easier with Wordpress and with using the divi them you can make your site truly yours.